Do I blog or exercise first?

My days are pretty full – even if the sun is not shining. I really relate to the song from frozen “Do you want to build a snowman?” although for me, it would be, “Do you want to go outside? Walk the dog? Feed the animals? Weed the garden? Harvest the lettuce? Milk the goat? Make some cheese? Harvest Lettuce? Sweep the back patio?” or whatever else is waiting in line to be done. The list is long, ongoing and seasonally influenced. It gets worse when there are things that needed to be done in a previous season that were not completed and still need to be done impacting the current season.   Since I have struggled with metabolism issues contributing to challenges with weight management, I really do need to put the exercise and food planning and preparation at the top of my daily self care list. My husband has diabetes and I also have food sensitivities and hypothyroid issues making food preparation a must for our family well-being. I also do better if I can get some playing time in on my instruments – especially as we add in lessons for guitar, singing, fiddle, ukulele and dance into our weekly schedule. I think a live in house keeper would be really sweet! At this point, I am happy to have someone who comes in every other week to dust and vacuum while I work on controlling piles that keep accumulating in our home

Then there is the blessing of my friend Jason coming to visit and helping me to finally get a blog started as well as getting a Facebook page up for our Fiddle Family Farm connections for doing music. Music is probably one of my favorite things. I enjoy playing instruments, singing, teaching and working with kids doing it. I enjoy swing and folk dancing with my husband and family. The challenge is fitting everything in that NEEDS to be done in a day. I have a log I keep of what I hope to accomplish in a day upon which I write what I actually did do. I also keep track of what is planned on a calendar on my fridge. This only works as well as the person who actually read it – which is usually me. My husband and I are in transition with adult children who are in and out as they transition to independence. A friend who is also in this same stage told me that they resurrected their chore chart to facilitate their family needs. It seems like I am the one who does most of the cleaning, planning and organizing.

The Buttercups have been overtaking all of my plants in the front yard. This was a very wet winter here contributing to providing flourishing conditions for them. The Buttercup is a pretty and happy looking flower but it is so invasive! I think it is on the list of invasive species for the State of Washington. It propagates not only with seeds but the roots grow from any contact with the stems on the ground much like strawberries do. It is very interspersed with my strawberry plants requiring them to be thinned as well. Buttercups remind me of the problem of sin in our lives – it looks really good at the beginning and we can think, “a little bit won’t hurt”. Then it spreads all over our lives and relationships. Then it has to be dug out so that God can restore that area of our lives through Jesus Christ. At this point, it is taking HOURS to dig them out. We missed the “window of opportunity” from February to April to dig them out when they were small. Now it is taking much longer and much more effort to remove them so that the strawberries, blueberries and roses have a chance to flourish. The problem is that the buttercups, and other weeds steal the water and nutrients from the soil preventing the crops and flowers we want and need from growing. This is a lot like sin – which can be not only missing the mark of God’s holiness, but also habits that we allow to propagate and flourish.  One of my ongoing prayers is that God will allow me to be aware of the “windows of opportunity” that He opens for me and that I will be willing to trust and obey Him to take advantage of that opportunity. Last week since the sun was shining, I noticed the opportunity to go out and spray a solution of vinegar, salt and Dawn dish soaps on the areas not in my garden to help reduce the invasion of the Buttercups. Then I used our propane torch to burn off the dried weeds off of the path. Does that count as exercise?

For today, I will trust in God’s direction and blog first. I am now going to go do my Leslie Sansone “Walk Away the Pounds” DVD and then see what “window of opportunity” presents itself. Proverbs 16:9 remind me “A mans heart plans his way, but the LORD directs the steps”.