Developing Hope : Bible Study Fellowship

How do you find hope in the midst of your circumstances? How do you find what is true, just and honorable? I’ve found many answers for my life through studying the Bible. Bible Study Fellowship has been a great tool for me since 2005. Every year has been an encouragement to me as I make new friends and reconnect with others. I have learned so much about the Bible as we have gone through each year. Often I find that things I had learned, or understood as a child or young adult are not really the way it is. Someone once said to me, “things are not necessarily true the first way you learned them.” I have read through the Bible many times in my life. But it’s when I apply it, that is when I get the most out of it.

I have learned to look for principles from more than one book of the Bible. Scripture needs to interpret Scripture. Moses told the Israelites, “in the presence of two or more witnesses is a matter confirmed.” I have found this to be a wise piece of advice. A proverb says that a matter seems right when you hear the first persons story. We need to hear both sides of the story in order to make a determination of who or what is right.

Bible Study Fellowship has been a helpful tool during homeschooling my children. I appreciate that we all are studying the same book(s) of the Bible. We have lessons to do on a daily basis so that we are ready to discuss them on our lesson day. It gave my children accountability to have their lessons ready for their class too. They also would look for and choose an Attribute of God from that weeks passage. This gave us something to talk about on the way home and it helped me to prepare for the Mom’s in Prayer group I led. The Home Discussion pages gave us something to talk about at meal times. The Parenting tips page often had encouragement not only applicable to my family but also for the many classes I taught at the home schooling co-op or for the Mothers of Preschool music classes I taught. I also appreciate not only the lessons in Biblical Literacy but also the musical literacy as we learned and reviewed the hymns for each years lessons. I enjoyed playing guitar and accompanying my daughter playing her fiddle as people came in each week. Sometimes singing the hymns with guitar accompaniment made the songs sound new and different. We worked together to make sure the hymns were in a more singable range which stretched us to be sure!

The first weeks our lesson notes provide an overview of Matthew and it’s relationship to other Gospels which are also accounts of the life of Jesus when He walked on the earth. I am looking forward to what happens next!

Another thing I appreciate about Bible Study Fellowship is the questions that encourage application of what we are learning. It’s much more than rote memorization. God’s Word is true, living and breathing and applicable to all areas of life. The Bible is the firm foundation that has lasted through the centuries bringing hope and help to those who seek it and the free gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ to those who ask and accept it.

I have found that the more I learn about God and His story of love for me and mankind, the prophecies, Psalms of encouragement in danger and uncertainty and how God uses sinful, imperfect people to do His work often in-spite of themselves, this gives me hope for my life and yours as well. I hope you will check it out! There are classes all over the world and in many languages. Please let me know if you check it out! Everyone needs more hope!