Toys, Games, and Activities with Visual Thinking in Mind! Presented by Alderwood Vision Therapy

Today was my annual eye exam. I discovered tonight, December 2, at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time, the staff at Alderwood Vision Therapy are presenting a Zoom meeting for gift ideas.

We’ve been going to Alderwood Vision Therapy since about 1988. My daughter has Strabismus which means her eyes took turns moving in and out. It was a challenge to teach her to read. We spent many years doing vision therapy and eventually she had two separate eye surgeries. This is my “go to” place for vision challenges. I’ve learned a lot from Dr. Nancy Torgerson and her well trained staff over the years and I think you will too!

One thing I have learned over the years is that many people appreciate the gift of time. Time may include baking cookies, playing, reading a story, swimming, hiking, playing or singing music together, going to the beach and searching for shells and rocks, creating a sewing project, building a birdhouse or crafting decorations for the season.

One of our traditions when our kids were younger is to choose an activity, game and a book for each member of our family. I also like getting special Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. We still have games we find to enjoy together and we share books and movies as well as planning trips for fun times. What are some of your traditions? Happy Second Day of Advent too!

Some great ideas!